Becoming a Lightroom Expert Quickly & Easily

Becoming a Lightroom Expert Quickly & Easily

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Frustrated with Lightroom? I can help...
I Will Personally Guide You Step-By-Step
Through ALL My Lightroom Secrets So You Can Master Lightroom
in only a Few Hours!

Hands on Learning at Your Convenience!

Trust me, I know how overwhelming it can be to learn a new program and that is why I have focused on not only teaching the content in an easy to understand manner but also made navigating the content super simple for you, the viewer!

All of the content is there and it's ready for you - whenever YOU want it.  

The beauty of this course is I am going to walk you through Lightroom step by step - but only at the pace which works best for you.

The best part? There are no time limits & the training is all yours, forever.  Purchase, download and watch.  It's that simple.  And I like simple.

A Quick Note from Cole

Are you ready to take control over your photos?

It's been 5 years and over 500,000 photos that I have processed using Lightroom. I have learned quite a few tricks & tips in that time in which I can now edit an entire 8 hour wedding in only FOUR hours!  

As much as Lightroom is truly wonderful for editing your photos, it is capable of so much more and I want to show you exactly how you can use Lightroom to its full potential & get the same results that I do.  

"Become a Lightroom Expert Quickly & Easily" is a, step-by-step (walk-you-by-the-hand) digital download workshop, hand crafted and designed to get you where you need to go.In only a few hours you'll not only now how to edit quicker but you'll be producing higher quality final edited photos than ever before!  

It doesn't do anyone any good to learn photo editing with perfectly exposed and controlled lighting conditions that require very minimal adjustments so I've included a full section on "real life start-to- finish sample photo edits" from challenging real world lighting conditions that we are all faced with every day! 

You'll be given these unedited sample photos so you can follow along with me and learn exactly how to get the same final edits that I am giving my high end wedding clients!

But we won't stop there, you'll learn how to create stunning slideshows for your clients to show off your gorgeous work while having an organized process & workflow in place to easily store and manage your thousands of photos.

Not to mention the entire section of Lightroom secrets that I've learned and am sharing for the first time!

The best part?  

As soon as you purchase you are able to download the entire 8 hours of HD video content to start learning right away - and it's yours, forever.  The convinience of watching whenever you want on any device you want is all yours!

Don't Take My Word For It...

"This is the most thorough yet user friendly Lightroom training I have ever used. I love being able to watch the entire workshop straight through or easily skip around to areas I need help with!"

 - Ann Sumi


"Not only does Cole give an in-depth look at the most important features of Lightroom, but he makes it easy to understand with lots of real examples from his own wedding photography business.  And since it's all downloadable, you can learn at your own pace! I wish I would have had this available when we first made the switch to Lightroom but luckily, I still have picked up some new tricks I never even knew about!"

- Jesse Morquecho

"Cole's in depth knowledge of Lightroom is readily apparent as he walks you through each aspect of Lightroom with an easy to follow and understand manner.  The ability to easily navigate through different sections and review specific lessons make this Lightroom training a clear winner."

Mary Harb
Become an Expert Quickly & Easily
Is Perfect For You If...
  • You are ready to learn new tips & tricks that save you precious editing time!
  • Want to learn how to create stunning edits for your images so they "pop"
  • Want an interactive digital training in which you learn by following along with me on our included real world full sample edits
  • Want to become a Lightroom expert quickly & not spend months or years like most do
  • You are looking for an easy to navigate training with no-fluff content and "to the point"!
  • Would like a complete training program that gives you full 24/7 access and the ability to watch and rewatch - whenever and wherever you'd like!
  • You just purchased Lightroom, and are overwhelmed and don't know where to start!
  • Are ready to develop a faster photo post processing workflow!
  • Want to be able to create stunning slideshows that "wow" and showcase your photos!
Here's What You'll Learn!
  • 3 different ways of batch editing to save you hours of editing time
  • Retouching techniques that virtually eliminate the need for Photoshop
  • My "import to export" post processing workflow
  • A true understanding of catalogs, folders, and collections so you'll have an organized process & workflow
  • Keywording & filtering techniques to sort through thousands of photos & find specific sets of photos in seconds
  • My top secret Lightroom quick tips to save you time!
  • Fast & efficient sorting & rating techniques for going through photos from a photoshoot
  • How to create stunning slideshows that give your photos that impact they deserve!
  • How to backup your Lightroom catalog to ensure you never lose your photo edits!
  • How to easily design a printed photo book to preserve your photos & treasured memories.
Frequently Asked Questions

 When will I receive access to the workshop?
As soon as you purchase you will receive an email with a link to download!
 When is the workshop?
The workshop is 100% downloadable HD video giving you lifetime access so you can view whenever is convenient for you and wherever you want to watch. The videos are separated by chapters allowing for an easy viewing experience and ability to refer back to specific chapters and lessons with ease.
 Can I keep it forever?
Yes! You'll have lifetime access!
 Can I watch the training on my tablet or mobile device?
Yes you sure can. You'll have the convenience to watch whenever and wherever you want!
 I still have a question - who can I email?
No problem, you can email me at if you still have a question!
The Risk is All on Me!

With my money back guarantee the risk is all on me!

I am so confident that you will love this workshop I am offering a no-questions asked money back guarantee.
So what do you have to lose? 

My goal is to help you achieve better looking photos that take you less time to edit and I put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the quality of my training!

Note: This guarantee works on the honor system. Please don’t abuse it because there is nothing cool about cheating.

Put Your Editing Worries Away & Master Lightroom! 

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