Family Posing Guide
Family Posing Guide
Family Posing Guide

Family Posing Guide

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Need A Little "Unposed" Posing Inspiration? 📸🕺👪💃

For photographers that take family portrait photos who are tired of struggling with stiff and "boring" posing and who want to capture more natural & authentic moments with their clients...
Introducing: The Family Portraits Posing Guide!
Finally, a simple and easy to implement guided posing flow that you can start using TODAY on families of any size, with children of any age, that will give you stunning images full of natural connection!
With this Family Posing Guide You Will Get:
  • ​A Reliable Guided Posing Flow: Never get stuck for posing ideas again
  •  Comfortable and Relaxed Clients: Your clients will finally be able to just focus on being themselves and follow your lead 
  •  Photos that are Authentic and Full of Connection: start showcasing the love and joy with your family sessions
What Others Are Saying About the Family Posing Guide!

"I really like that Betsy suggests how to talk to the client..."

I am so excited about the family posing guide. I can't wait until my next session to try it out. I really like that Betsy suggests how to talk to the client to personalize it and get emotions out of the families. I struggle photographing children but this makes so much sense on how to get great photos and captivate those moments. I can't wait! - Kathryn Schnepp

"Thanks, Cole's Classroom, for guides that put me at ease"

I'm so excited to put this posing guide to use. Though most of my work is in digital marketing and social media, I love photography and am excited to introduce it little by little into my business for those clients who may want some photography. Posing is an area where I feel I could use the most improvement so having a field guide like this is going to come in handy at my next family shoot. Thanks, Cole's Classroom, for guides like this to help put people just like me at ease. - Chelsea Lund

"it’s about capturing memories!"

I am so excited for my new family portraits posing guide! As a family portrait photographer I struggle with posing every family member for every picture. I often feel when clients are so posed they don’t look natural. I love the real smiles, laughs, cuddles, and family love that is captured when they are just “having fun!” This PDF has forty-three pages packed with starter concepts, ideas, tips, and picture samples to help with natural family posing. It’s not always about looking at the camera and saying “cheese,” it’s about capturing memories! I love how this guide gives general ideas and is flexible with family size and ages. Here’s to my next family session feeling prepared and full of ideas!! - Ashley Blais

"It also offers wonderful advice in how to create authentic emotion in your pictures!"

I absolutely love the posing guide! It is very clear in explaining how to set up poses and what to watch out for as you're setting them up. By following the posing flow that the guide provides, you can easily cut your time on the shoot in half while offering the family a nice variety in their pictures! It also offers wonderful advice in how to create authentic emotion in your pictures! This will definitely be a go-to for me for all of my family sessions! - Brooke Helm
Here's Exactly What You Will Get With Our Family Posing Guide!
  • ​All of my guided family poses that I use on every session
  • ​A thorough description of each pose and what makes it successful  
  • ​Quick tips for posing pitfalls to watch for with each pose  
  • ​A wide variety of photographic examples to give you inspiration of all the ways to make each pose work for you and how to add variety within a single pose  
  • ​Complete sections on how to capture Parent/Child Photos and Sibling Photos  
  • ​An entire section dedicated to drawing out connection and fostering authentic moments with your families
  • Easy to print OR save to mobile device for fast & easy reference on a photo-shoot to never get stuck again!
Listen, it's not you, it's them... BUT you need to fix it! 
  • ​Family sessions can be fast moving and difficult to manage a lot of people at once
  • ​Every family is different, with a different number of people at different ages - no consistency 
  • ​Because they don’t know what to do, clients can end up stiff and rigid, instead of relaxed and natural 
  • ​Without a tried and true posing flow, you end up stuck for posing ideas and unsure how to position everyone 
  • ​Families leave their session unsure and feeling awkward, instead of confident in your ability to capture their true selves 
  • ​Inconsistent results from a haphazard approach to posing 

Want to Breathe Life into Your Photos?

Here Are Some Photos Using this Exact Posing Guide
Hi, I'm Betsy & I'm Ready to Guide You to Family Portrait Posing Success!
  • After photographing over 140 families, I have found what works and what doesn’t when it comes to posing and getting the connection we are all after
  • ​I realized that the success of my sessions relied heavily on my ability to guide my clients into poses that were natural and encouraged interaction and connection 
  • ​So, I developed a posing guide with several guided poses that are easy to remember and implement with families of any size or age 

  • Let your clients know exactly what they can expect after their session with this card for you to hand out at the end of your sessions! 
  • ​Fully customizable .psd file to incorporate your own logos and styles.
  • Create more loyal clients that will keep coming back and refer more business to you
Tired of Feeling "Stuck" with Your Posing?
You Could Get the Guide and...
  • Always know exactly how to pose your families, no matter how big or small they are
  • ​Have an easy to remember posing flow to make your sessions seamless, using our methods and examples as a guide 
  • ​Start showcasing the connection and love between your clients and give them photos they will adore and brag about to all their friends 
  • ​Start making your clients feel comfortable in front of the camera right away and get 100% relaxed and natural photos 
  • ​Add variety and diversity to your portfolio and your client galleries by having a large pool of poses to choose from, with several variations for each one 
  • ​Blow your clients out of the water with your confidence and ability to make them feel comfortable and natural 
  • ​Consistently shoot photos with poses that are authentic and never forced, stiff or awkward 
  • ​Never feel stuck for posing ideas again! 
Or You Could Pass and Continue to Try to Do it Alone
  • A disorganized approach to posing, leaving you relying on memory and ending up stuck for a good pose in the middle your sessions
  • Inconsistent results that mostly leave you with awkward and stiff photos instead of the connection you were hoping for 
  • Continue to shoot sessions with uneasy clients and stale poses 
  • Lack variety in your portfolio and keep using the same 2 or 3 poses over and over 
  • Continued frustration as you struggle to find confidence while posing your clients 

The "Family Portraits Posing Guide" 

 $79 ($98 Retail Value)

  • ​ The full 42-page Family Posing Guide for a lifetime of amazing and unique poses that are full of joy and emotion.  
30 -Day Money Back Guarantee - 100% Risk Free. 
Frequently Asked Questions
 Who is The Family Posing Guide for?
This guide is for anyone looking to: capture natural & meaningful photos, to gain confidence in family posing
 What if I am not a professional photographer?
Even if you’re not a professional, this guide is a great resource for any photographer! The methods described in this posing guide are the exact same methods we use both with clients and for our personal photos.
 Is it worth it?
Other posing guides and training online sell for $100 all the way up to $500!  We recognize not everyone has a budget for that and that is why we keep our prices reasonable and at our "no-brainer" pricing.  For just a small one time fee you will have a posing "lifeline" with you on every session so you no longer have to worry about blowing the photo session and freezing up and looking unprofessional.  Not to mention the confidence boost you will get with this.  That confidence boost alone is easily worth $100 and this guide is only a small fraction of that!
 What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you aren't happy for any reason, simply email us at for a full refund!
 How do I download it?
After purchase you will be directed to a download page. You will also be emailed a unique download link to the email you provide upon purchase. If you do not receive your download email in your inbox, please check your promo and spam folders. Or you can simply email us at and our customer service heroes will give you a brand new link!
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