High Impact Video - Using Video to Stand Out from the Competition

High Impact Video - Using Video to Stand Out from the Competition

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Introducing a BRAND NEW photography discovery experience.
Cole's Classroom Pro Presents: 

We'll show you step-by-step how to rise above the photography competition by learning how to wow your photo clients with surprise videos that will blow them away and make em undoubtedly cry "happy tears" :)

Get these results:

  •  The ability to tell a story for your clients by combining your photos with epic videos! 
  •  Set yourself apart by offering a service that no other photographers in your area will be offering.
  •  Raving clients when you give them jaw-dropping, stunning videos that evoke emotion and create incredible responses.

  •  Ability to plan, shoot, and edit an incredible video the second that you finish this class!
  •  Learn different video styles and techniques to tell different stories for your clients!
  •  Stop competing with other photographers over price. Offer something different to your clients with a unique story-telling approach!

What You'll Get

(Lifetime Access to Everything)

*  5 step-by-step video lessons that will take you put you on the path to incredible high-impact videos fast!
*  5 Assignments and Worksheets to help you plan and execute your own video creation during our course!
*  A few simple steps to adding video into your photos sessions easily!

  •  Know everything you need to know to start shooting videos in your photo session right away!
  •  See the exact software, equipment, and music Kimberlee uses to create stellar videos!
  •  Get the exact video settings that Kimberlee uses to produce perfect results (every time)
Don't You Want YOUR Clients to Say These Things After Working With You?
(They Will After This Course)
Kimberlee here! And I'm going to show you how to be a video star!
(Don't Worry If Busy On Some of The Live Sessions, You'll Have Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING!)

 “It’s a saturated market.” This is something I hear over and over from fellow photographers, and it’s something that I have faced as well. I live in a small town, and even here, there are several other photographers that I have to compete with.

Everything changed when I stopped competing on price…

And I started offering something that nobody else offers.

When I added videos into my photography services, I instantly set myself above the competition, and added something incredibly valuable to my clients. One client told me: “If you didn’t deliver any photos to us, and only gave us this video, it would be well worth your session fee.”

Adding video to your sessions is such an easy way to add incredible value and set yourself apart. Stop competing and put yourself into a whole new category. Join me and learn exactly how to do this during our time together this week.

(Don't Worry If Busy On Some of The Live Sessions, You'll Have Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING!)

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is The High-Impact Video Course for?

This course class is for anyone ready to stop competing with other photographers with price and start offering photography clients something unique, new, and exciting that bring their photos to life! 
Can I purchase them now even if I am not near a computer?
Yes, you can easily purchase from your smartphone or tablet since you'll be sent the download link to your email and can import to Lightroom whenever you want.
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