Wedding Client Welcome Guide

Wedding Client Welcome Guide

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Finally a Simple Method to Book More Wedding Clients While Instantly Boosting Your Perceived Value, Professionalism & Credibility...Guaranteed.
(Even If You Are a New Photographer or Live in a Highly Competitive Market!)

Introducing: The "Wedding Client Welcome Guide"!  
A "turn-key" 20-page Client Welcome Guide template with all the hard work already done for you to leave your potential clients with a stunning first impression that easily transforms your inquiries into booked clients!
Here are just a few reasons why you need this guide...
  •  Leave a Stunning First Impression: Wow your potential clients with a beautiful and stunning presentation of your business and work.
  • ​ Create Client Connection: Potential clients will feel connected to you before they ever meet you.
  •  Increase Your Perceived Value: Your clients will value you - knowing they are investing in an experience and lasting memories that will only increase in value as the years pass. 
  • ​ Professional Writing: Hate to write? It’s all taken care of! All the wording is included for you to educate and inform your wedding clients. No more guesswork. 
  • ​ Get not just more clients - but more ideal clients who truly value your work, who connect with you, and who ‘have to have you’ as their photographer. 
  • ​ Create a thorough Welcome Guide for your wedding photography clients in mere minutes. Book more sessions, create connection with your clients, and show off your work in a beautifully-designed wedding magazine
  • ​ Get more time to do what you love. (And less time behind your computer!)

Not So Fun Fact: Wedding photography is competitive and couples are more overwhelmed than ever with their options...

Bottom line: Standing out from the crowd has never been so important & is a primary determination of success or failure.
Here's Exactly What You Will Get!
New to Photoshop? No Problem, Just Follow Our Provided Tutorial to Make Your Changes With Ease!
  • ​A 20-page, turn-key Wedding Welcome Guide and magazine with all of the information your potential clients would want to find out before booking their wedding with you. 
  • Fully-editable PSDs - ready for you to adjust in Photoshop 
  • Clean, sleek, and modern design that is completely customizable based on your unique style
  • Professionally-written paragraphs and thorough, in-depth writing - to save you time. 
  • Video tutorial showing you step-by-step how to edit and customize these guides in Photoshop.
  • Complete kit that will allow you to create beautiful and informative PDFs to send to your clients and potential clients. 
(here's a sneak peek inside!)
  • Welcome page - A short note to greet your potential clients and invite them to look through the wedding guide.
  • About page - Share more about YOU and help your inquiries connect with YOU on a personal level
  • Choosing a photographer - Explain the importance of finding someone they connect with, and what to look for as they’re searching for their wedding photographer. 
  • How you’re different - Share exactly why your potential clients should book YOU.
  • Your style - Describe your shooting style so that your inquiries can understand more about your work.
  • Pricing - A template for you to input your pricing and packages.
  • Destinations - This page tells your potential clients how to move forward to book you for a destination wedding.
  • Albums - Share exactly why you love to offer wedding albums for your clients, and why it’s so important to have a tangible product from their wedding day. 
  • Engagement Sessions - A brief description of why you recommend that all of your wedding clients also book you for their engagement session. 
  • Consultation - Let your inquiries know details of when and how they can meet with you to talk more about their wedding day. 
  • AND MORE! …and we’ve also included several testimonial pages to leave quotes from your clients, as well as image spreads to show off your work!
If you’re like me, you know just how valuable your wedding photography is! 

And you know it’s more about the EXPERIENCE with YOU as their photographer. 

I know that you want to be able to communicate that to your clients in a way that you are proud of...
Hi, I'm Cole! And after 9 years of shooting weddings, I'm here to help. 
"I used to feel so stuck because I knew that I wanted to create an impactful first impression, but just didn’t know where to start. "
  • ​ I understand completely that you may be feeling overwhelmed with just how much information you need to provide to your wedding inquiries - I’ve been there too!
  • ​ With 9 years of experience as a wedding photographer, I know just how important it is to "wow" potential clients and leave no question in their minds that they want to hire me.   
  • ​ I've learned that when I educate my clients the right way, they appreciate my work, value the services I offer, and understand that the investment they are making is an investment in their family’s legacy.  
  • ​So, I started sending a Wedding Welcome Guide to my potential clients, and I saw a HUGE difference in my bookings! 
  • And you can too!


Frequently Asked Questions
 Can I use this even if I am not a wedding photographer?
Yes you can! Just note you'll have to change some of the text sections to be applicable to your photography services as these are specifically written for wedding photographers.

What software do I need to customize these templates?

You need Photoshop to add your own photos and adjust any text to the guides.

 Can I purchase them now even if I am not near a computer?
Yes, you can easily purchase from your smartphone or tablet since you'll be sent the download link to your email and can edit them in Photoshop whenever you want.
 I am not tech savvy, will I be able to use these?
As long as you have Photoshop you will be able to easily follow along with our simple video installation guide that walks you through exactly HOW to make customizations to your guide.
 What if I don't have Photoshop?
You can purchase the guides and hire someone on a site like fiverr to make the adjustments for you for as little as $5-$10
 What files do I get?
All of the files will be in .psd format which are Photoshop files that way you can always edit them as you want to customize and add new photos as you improve your portfolio or change your pricing or terms.
 What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you aren't happy for any reason, simply email us at for a full refund!
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