Flash Photography 101

Flash Photography 101

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Newsflash for Photographers:
It's reckless & irresponsible to NOT understand how to use (& when to use) a FLASH.  Understanding lighting is not a "nice to have" but a "must-have" skill... and something you need to take seriously.
The Good News?
We've just put together the most effective & easy to understand course on flash photography on the market and today, with only 2 hours of time, you'll no longer have to run away from your flash & you'll get lifetime access for only $99 - but fair warning, this crazy low price is going away after today!
**The Golden Hour is only One Hour of the Day**
What's your plan for the rest of the day?
Introducing "Flash Photography 101" 

For up-and-coming and "natural light" photographers who want crisp, dramatic, and perfectly lit photos in any shooting scenario (without spending years of frustration learning flash photography on your own).

Mastering "natural light" is NOT enough!
If you aren't using flash right now because it seems too difficult or unnecessary - here are a few reasons that you should think again...
  • Scenario 1: You book a family portrait session but they're ONLY available in the middle of the afternoon (during the worst light of the day).
  • Flash is absolutely essential to prevent a bad case of "racoon eyes" in your clients.
  •  Scenario 2: You book a corporate event and your clients want 4 head shots of senior leadership and everything is going to be indoors.
  • Flash is necessary to deliver well-exposed and well-lit images
  •  Scenario 3: Your client wants a senior school portrait of her daughter at sunset because it's their favorite time of day. You're excited too because of the beauty of sunsets. 
  •  You will have to use some fill flash to expose the subject and the sky and deliver your client the images she has imagined in her mind. 
This is NOT Theory!
With "Flash Photography 101" you are NOT getting a boring lecture that isn't useful (and that you'll easily forget right after taking it...)

You'll get interactive video lessons, follow along on an in-studio review, and work side-by-side with Walter Wilson on 6 actual photo shoots so that you can see first-hand how you can master flash QUICKLY and EASILY in any lighting scenario.
Here's EXACTLY what we're packing into this course...
  • ​ Over 2 hours of interactive course instruction that will keep you interested and engaged.
  • ​An exclusive behind-the-scenes VIP pass so that you can follow Walter on 6 actual photo shoots.  
  •    ​5 on-location flash tutorials including my secrets for shooting in the most common lighting conditions.
  • ​Fully-packed product reviews of the most popular (and less popular) camera flash brands.
  • ​Exclusive access to see the exact camera settings Walter actually uses on a photo shoot.
  • ​Invaluable and easy to understand lessons on color balance, bouncing techniques, off-camera flash, and flash modifiers. 
  • ​Get the flash tools you need to increase the value of your photography and unleash your potential in any shooting scenario.
  • ​Plus much more.  
Are you a visual learner? You'll also follow Walter Wilson behind the scenes on 6 real photo shoots so that you're prepared for any shooting and lighting scenario by watching first-hand!
He will also show you his exact camera settings for each shot so that you can replicate it easily right away!
Hi, I'm Walter Wilson.
  • Owner of "Crave Imagery" and "Walter Wilson Studios"
  • Named one of "San Diego's top 3 wedding photographers" in 2012 and again in 2017 by the San Diego A-List Awards
  • Photos featured in "In-Style" magazine, "Pacific Magazine," and "California Bountiful" magazine
 Without effectively being able to use flash you are holding yourself back from so many opportunities. 

I've shot countless weddings that even the best photographers couldn’t. Why? Because I could master lighting and because SO MANY photographers can't properly use flash. 

Remember that time when you had...
  • a portrait that would have benefited from some fill flash?
  • a nighttime image you missed because you couldn't light it?
  • an indoor shoot that was fuzzy and blurred?
  •  a washed out photo taken in poor weather conditions?
This is all 100% preventable.
 And I'm going to show you just how easy mastering flash photography can be when you have the right tools so that you will never experience spoiled opportunities again.
Get Walter's Recommended Flash Gear Guide to Know Exactly What Gear He Uses & Gets His "Stamp of Approval"
Feel empowered and open up new worlds as a photographer knowing that you will be able to handle ANY lighting scenario that is presented to you.
(Without having to pray that the weather gods are on your side...)
Ready to take photos like these?
If it's not now, when will it be?
Frequently Asked Questions
 What do I actually get?
You get access to the Flash Photography 101 Course including exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Walter as you follow him on 6 real photo shoots to see EXACTLY how he gets amazing lighting in ANY shooting scenario.
 I'm a "natural light" photographer - do I need flash?
Yes! Being a “natural light” photographer is great, but without flash you are putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. If you're a portrait or wedding photographer, shoot indoors, at all times of the day, or in varying weather conditions, you need to know how to use your flash. 
 What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
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